Just like an adventure reality show such as The Amazing Race, traveling from London can either be tricky and challenging or simple and laid-back. In a way, everything depends on you and your knowledge of the easiest route from your home to the airport, to the parking spaces, all the way to the departure area.

If you’re an avid adventurer, specifically someone who takes pleasure in the thrill of the great outdoors on foot, going to a different European country like Romania is a valid option.  Seat 61 even has a detailed approach to the more than 3000-kilometre journey. However, since we want the most efficient course, for now let’s focus on air travel.

Say you’re departing from Heathrow, an airport described by The Telegraph as the sixth busiest in the world. The most logical thing to do is to leave home early to be ready for the London traffic and find an appropriate airport parking space. As a side note, if you’re driving to Heathrow, it’s imperative to reserve a slot 24-48 hours prior to your flight to enjoy maximum savings and convenience.

On the other hand, since London has an exemplary public transportation network, another way to effectively commute to the airport is via the Express train. The parking and aviation industry experts at Parking4Less even suggest taking the Tube’s Piccadilly Line as a cheaper yet time-consuming alternative to get to Heathrow. Once you reach the west London aviation hub, it all becomes elementary from here on out.

Recently, The Guardian reported the government’s plan for Heathrow’s much-needed expansion. Based on the article, a third runway will soon pave the way for hundreds of thousands more flights to and from London annually. This also means there will be more flights covering the three-hour trip from the UK to Romania.

Now upon arrival at Bucharest International Airport, you have to make your way to Sibiu either by bus, by taxi, or by train. This Transylvanian city is where you’ll find the Piatra Craiului Mountains, where you’ll trek the 25-kilometre, 1.600-metre high trail with sharp ridges and cavernous gorges. The end destination features a main ridge that has a beautiful vista unlike any other.

All in all, travelling from the United Kingdom to Romania can be a breeze as long as you know these little intricacies that may or may not make the difference to your itinerary. For devoted British adventurers, such as yourself, hiking the Transylvanian trails offers something out-of-the-ordinary, a change of pace from the usual city life. So what are you waiting for, put these tips to good use and explore the mountainous regions of Romania on foot.