Following last week's popular article  "The 5 most difficult cycling climbs in Romania" that was focused on road cycling, today I decided to write about five of the best areas for mountain biking holidays in Romania. I know I'm treading on a sensitive subject for the local cycling community and that's just because of the ginormous number of mountain biking tracks that that we have in Romania. Narrowing it down to just 5 areas it's a sacrilege :D Nevertheless, I never shy away from a good here goes.

Bucegi National Park, Prahova County, Romania

bucegi national park cycling romania

One of my favorite areas is definitely the Bucegi National Park. The highly technical profile and high altitude tracks make it a challenging area to ride even for trained cyclists. Other cool areas to cycle that are close to Bucegi National Park are Piatra Craiului National Park, Baiului and Leaota Mountains. The common acces points Busteni (East), Moeciu de Sus (West) or Pestera (South). A cable car is also available from Busteni or Pestera if you don't want to ride all the way up to the main ridge.

Top reasons to include this area in a cycling holiday in Romania

  • spectacular views
  • alpine tracks at around 2.000 meters
  • great single tracks

Recommended track (difficult) :

Cindrel Mountains, Paltinis, Sibiu County, Transylvania, Romania



Another spectacular area for off-road cycling in Romania is just south of Sibiu, quite possibly the most popular city in Transylvania. Paltinis (1.440 meters) is the heighest resort in Romania and in the winter season is very popular for skiing & snow boarding. Although not as high as the Bucegi National Park, Paltinis has a lot to offer when it comes to epic, technical single tracks through the coniferous forest. Paltinis is also home to an annual mountain biking UCI Elite race. Connected areas are Marginimea Sibiului (to the East), Lotrului Mountains, towards Transalpina ( to the West).

Recommended track (difficult),23.95671/terrain

Top reasons to include this area in a cycling holiday in Romania

  • spectacular views
  • great single tracks through the forest
  • not to popular with tourist so more room for you

Apuseni Mountains, Rosia Montana, Alba County, Transylvania

cycling in romania apuseni

The Apuseni Mountains are part of the Western Carpathian Mountains and just to the south-west of Cluj Napoca, another famous city in Transylvania. This particular area I'm recommending is better suited for the beginner to intermediate mountain biker who is also looking to include more gentle tracks in his cycling holiday in Transylvania. Rosia Montana is a small village but with astronomical mineral resources, especially gold, that have been exploited here since the Roman times. Recently it has been a "battlefield" between a Canadian company looking to exploit its resources and the local Romanian NGO's. Luckily we're still winning the "battles" there and hopefully the "war". Connected areas to explore: Apuseni Natural Park to the North West.

Top reasons to include this area in a cycling holiday in Romania

  • beautiful tracks through the gentle hills and pastures
  • supporting the local community
  • stepping back in time

Recommended track (easy to moderate)

The Saxon Villages, Brasov County, Transylvania

viscri cycling romania

The Saxon Villages and especially Viscri, have really been in the spotlight in the past couple of years for the adventure traveler looking to mix a cultural holiday with a cycling holiday in Transylvania. I'd recommend this area if you are looking for some intermediate mountain biking tracks through the woods and pastures.

Top reasons to include this area in a cycling holiday in Romania:

  • beautiful gravel, easy tracks through the woods
  • visiting the Fortified Saxon Villages, a unique place in Europe
  • stepping back in time

Recommended track

Cheile Nerei National Park, Caras Severin County, Romania



This area is one of the lesser known and explored in Romania but I think one of the most spectacular. It's located right in the middle of the Cheile Nerei National Park with its rich biodiversity and wild forests that have been scarcelyexplored by mountain bikes. The tracks are quite technical and because of the lack of traffic they're are not so easy to follow. The best access point is Oravita, from the North Side.

Recommended track,21.70726/terrain

Top reasons to include this area in a cycling holiday in Romania

  • beautiful, unexplored tracks through the dense forest
  • wild landscape (rivers, gorges, waterfalls)
  • to sum up: it's like nothing you've seen before

Let me know in the comments below what are your favorite mountain biking tracks/areas all over the world. If you enjoyed this article subscribe to our newsletter to receive more.