It's so important for Martin Adventures to be close to our local communities of explorers and, starting with this year, we're doing so with the help of our Brand Ambassador Program. I'm really excited to introduce to you Martin Cox - our first UK Brand Ambassador. In case you're wondering - no, we didn't just choose Martin because of his first name. :)

I'd like to thank our judges for their involvement and, of course, their fair judgment: Donna Navarro - award winning blogger, travel lover and women's cycling advocate, Alain Rumpf - a swiss with a pulse & chief cycling officer at Grand Tours Project, Erik Jonsson - a designer turned nature photographer by way of cycling and Tom Owen - a professional cycling writer with a travel ‘problem’ & founder of the Big Boys Bicycle Club.

We've interviewed Martin for our blog so that you get to know him better. You can also follow him on his blog , Facebook or Instagram to learn more about his cycling adventures.

Martin Cox - age 39 - freelance writer, consultant, university lecturer

You’re a self declared cyclist. Why did you choose cycling and what does it add to your life?

Why cycling? low impact, high smiles, cake-enabling exercise! What does it add? Everything? It doesn’t matter how long or short, after any bike ride I’m a better version of myself. It can stretch me in ways I’d never have considered previously, I know more about me than i thought possible.

How do you manage to combine your hobbies with your job?

I got rid of the TV to avoid that time suck, and I’m not scared to set an early alarm! other than that my work fits around my passions in life, family and cycling.

What is your favorite place to ride, how many times have you been there and would you return?

It’s so hard to choose a single favorite, because it discounts so many stunning places to ride! I would say in terms of scenery it would probably be either Tuscany in France (mountains and purple fields) or Taiwan for the sheer multitude of hills! But closer to home I adore the effects of my local roads, for the calming focus they bring to my life.

What is your next travelling destination and what made you decide you should go there? 

By the time this is published I’ll be racing around Ireland in the Transatlantic Way Race, a solo 2.500 km race around Ireland's west coast. Going for these stupid races is what motivates me all year :-)

You said that cycling the Transfagarasan is high on your list of places you'd like to ride. How did it end up there since is not such a well known road?

I came across a picture of the road and knew had to ride it! the scale of the engineering feat is fabulous and the story behind the road is incredible. It looks utterly crazy to ride, like the Stelvio but stretched out further :-)

When it comes to riding your bike in the city, what is the first thing that comes in your mind and why?

Own the space, ride like a car driver and make each and every move obvious, blatant and utterly impossible to ignore, in short; don’t get hit!


The essential & short 5

  • Riding with music? Yes, if the mood takes me.
  • Alone or with crew? Normally alone, I like to ride for days, exploring and racing countries, and it's easier to go alone. But I do love to ride with my son, and I'm teaching him the ways of going long!
  • Always wearing the helmet (even short commutes)? No
  • Eating gels on rides?  Yes, whatever is to hand!
  • Love climbs? Love the idea of climbs!

If you could send a message to all the cyclists in the world, how would that sound? 

There is literally nothing in this world that will provide you with more boundary-stretching fulfillment than simply riding a bike. It is THE greatest method of transportation and fun available, where else can you experience true joy on nothing more than bowl of porridge!