Since I wrote this article on "The 5 most difficult cycling climbs in Romania" there has been a lot of increased interest for the Transfagarasan climb. Of course, I'm not surprised, since it is a epic ride and cycling enthusiasts are starting to learn more about it.

I was really excited when the Sibiu Cycling Tour decided that for the 2016 edition they'd make part of the Transfagarasan climb an individual TT. It really highlighted the importance and the beauty of this road. Check some images from that event below.

I decided to chip in to the effort of educating and raising awareness on this road with some general information about what it takes to climb the Transfagarasan. I came up with this PDF guide that you can download for free below. It's still early days for this material and I intend to improve it as cyclist will send me their feedback.

The Complete Guide to Cycling the Transfagarasan

Here's what you'll find inside

  • The Road
  • The Climbs
  • Recommended Equipment
  • The Weather
  • How to get here
  • Where to stay
  • The Martin Adventures Road Cycling Trip