Here at Martin Cycling Adventures, we are always looking for ways to make the Balkans more accessible to cyclists all over the world. Underwater cycling has been picking up in popularity constantly in the past few years, so we are happy to announce we have expanded our services with a new line: Underwater Cycling Tours.


Silviu Martin, Product Manager of the Water Sports Division, had this to say about the announcement:

I have always been a big fan of both water sports and cycling so this is a perfect opportunity to mix them in a new way that I’m sure people will love. To be certain we are in top form for our very demanding clients, our team has been preparing all winter long by spending most of their off-season training time underwater.

Lake, Bled, our first underwater cycling destination

Lake Bled

Martin Cycling Adventures has been already running regular cycling tours in Slovenia, but now, with the addition of underwater cycling, we are focusing around the area of Lake Bled and we are investing in a new underwater training facility for our clients but also our staff.

In closing, Silviu Martin added:

Getting straight into cold water after a demanding bike ride is always beneficial for recovery but in most of our regular cycling tours that is quite hard to do. Not anymore. Now you will be both cycling and recovering at the same time, making it possible to spend an indefinite time on a bike. It will revolutionize cycling as we know it. I will be looking forward to meeting everyone this Summer and make a big splash together…