Mangart Saddle Cycling Route

Cycling towards Mangart Saddle. Copyright Martin Cycling Adventures

Cycling towards Mangart Saddle. Copyright Martin Cycling Adventures



Mangart Saddle or the Mangart Pass is a mountain saddle in the Julian Alps in northwestern Slovenia. It has an elevation of 2,072 metres (6,798 ft). It is the most common starting point for the ascent of Mt. Mangart. The Mangart Road that leads over Mangart Saddle, with its elevation of 2,055 m (6,742 ft), has a number of turns and is the highest-lying road in Slovenia. It was built in 1938.

Cycling the Mangart Road

The Mangart Road usually opens in May and is maintained until end of November. Operation of the road depends on the weather conditions (snow, avalanche dangers), so it can also open/close earlier/later then the predicted dates are.

At the peak there’s a perfect loop, one way only (a circular macadam road) which brings you to the highest point: the Mangart Saddle. Return is made via the same route.

The road is pretty steep (+20%) especially in the first part so be advised on what cassette you are using. There are three un-illuminated tunnels on the road so be sure to have your lights with you.

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