This year our annual cycling trip was a Martin Adventure tour in Romania. Whilst I suspect that we may have been lucky with the weather the tour exceeded our expectations - the countryside was lush and verdant, the accommodation was good but the climbs were amazing the Transfagarasan and the Transalpina were both epic. Throughout Silviu was a perfect host and guide who managed to keep us all happy most of the time. I would gladly do it all again.
— Mark


A picture from our bespoke road cycling tour on the Transfagarasan. 

We undertook an intrepid journey in early June with Martin Adventures in Romania.

The country was an unknown and the route more-so. Our expectations were exceeded at all stages of the journey. Silvu helped with information on the route, clothing requirements and bike hire. The accommodation throughout the trip was amazing and we were safely transported by Sebastian (AKA David Copperfield). The route took us through an amazing variety of country-side and mountains and the two passes were amazing (Transfagarasan and the Transalpina). Silviu was an amazing host and hopefully our paths will cross again. Till next time.
— Richard

Tim, Germany

When I wanted to do this road cycling tour it was important that Martin Adventures offered bikes for rent. I wouldn’t have been able to bring my own bike. I’m happy I took this cycling tour as I felt way stronger on the bike at the end.

I liked that each day on the bike was different. The landscapes changed but were always beautiful. I loved that I knew the hotel were good with good food. Also, the bits and pieces about the history and architecture of Romania were fun. I rode some new roads which were a lot of fun.

I would recommend this road cycling tour for sure. If you’ve been riding for a bit this tour is perfect because all you need to do is to ride. Transportation is taken care of, there’s great hotels and good food. And you get to ride roads in a country that isn’t known by a lot of tourists (I imagine).

I think it’s important to explore new stuff!
— Tim @timha1982

Stuart, UK

Before booking my cycling tour with Martin Adventures, I have to admit I also thought about a worst case scenario: what if they weren’t a bone fined business and Silviu never showed up, or the equipment was substandard or not as excepted. These sorts of things happen and you have to be vigilant. I’m happy to say that that wasn’t the case at all.

I felt great after the trip. I was pushed totally out of my cycling comfort zone and worked harder than I ever felt was possible. I felt like an empty shell as though I left it all on the road but that was fantastic feeling that I will never forget.

The mountain climbs were spectacular and I felt that I saw a side to Romania that would be hard to capture in any other way. Riding with someone who knew the routes well and was able to show the real Romania was also a highlight. The hotels were generally of a high standard particularly the hotel in Horezu which I thought was one of the nicest I have stayed in anywhere.

I would totally recommend this tour. The cycling is first class with rides that could offer a challenge to any ability. Silviu was a very easy company but well organized and had obviously given the trip a great deal of thought.
— Stuart


My trip into the mountains with the Martin Adventures team was a real test and an incredible adventure. The MTB riding in Romania is the perfect blend of challenging technical sections, deserted farm tracks, tough climbing and awesome downhill. Can’t wait to be back soon to try the road cycling too.
— Tom @owentcharles


When we were planning this trip we paid a lot of attention to the trustworthiness of Martin Adventures and the promised quality since these are important aspects for us. In the end, I’m happy to say that I’d recommend Martin Adventures because they proved they can organize this sort of events. I learned a little bit of myself and about my colleges and I feel that now we have got a new common experience that binds us together. Furthermore, most of the participants have strengthened their self-confidence.
— Bard

MYR EGIL, Norway

Since this was our first collaboration with Martin Adventures and we had to make sure that the price reflects the quality of the services we received and that we also enjoyed reasonable payment terms. I must say that I’m pleased with the overall experience and I’d recommend Martin Adventures for their organizing skills and their staff with good local knowledge. My favorite part of the trip was the cycling up the Transfagarasan.
— Myr Egil